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The Combat AI Simulator for Navy


We have developed a simulator to take advantage of AI's outstanding performance in military applications. The autonomy and responsibility of the senior commander is very important because the senior commander's military strategy can determine the life and death of the men. As a result, senior commanders could not use existing AI to provide tactical recommendations that they could not understand.

Sentience has developed an explainable AI simulator that provides tactical recommendations that are easily understood by senior commanders. Senior commanders can use an explainable AI simulator to increase their odds while maintaining autonomy and accountability. By using this simulator in the game, you can provide a new level of content.


Using game theory and reinforcement learning, Sentience developed a Navy Combat Simulator that can find optimal tactics in a given situation. The simulator provides recommendations that can be easily understood by navy commanders to assist decision making.

About the simulator

Navy commanders can understand process and intent of tactical recommendations provided by the simulator. Therefore the efficiency of the AI Agent in the simulator is higher than the artificial intelligence that can not be explained.


Sentience’s Navy Combat Simulator aims to increase the odds while maintaining the creativity and accountability of the Navy Commander.


This simulation is implemented to Republic of Korea Navy and the soldiers can input mobility, arming, and sensors to reflect the actual situation. It reflects the given constraints and performs its own simulation and generates training data. AI Agent provides the best simulation results from game theory and reinforcement learning as 3D video.


The simulator derives the best route and arming method to achieve tactical advantage. We derive tactical recommendations that reflect not only the actions to be taken next, but also anticipated enemy actions and changes in the battlefield situation in a given situation.


Sentience's simulator allows you to apply AI agent to your game that learns other artificial intelligence or other users strategies and establishes a strategy that reflects them.