Let everyone create a fun game & make games respect users and the community

Sentience’s vision is to create games that respect the community using AI

Our Journey

Sentience was born from our love for gaming and a dream of making it better

We're here to revolutionize the gaming experience by integrating the power of AI with creativity. Our mission is to make games embrace every player while also providing tools that streamline game publishing and operations. Welcome to a world where innovation brings people together, and every gamer shapes their own journey.

Founders of Sentience

Expert minds, limitless play

Hyeyon Kwon
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
An accomplished entrepreneur and dedicated gaming enthusiast, she brings over a decade of expertise in data analysis and consulting. With a profound focus on behavior modeling and econometrics within IT applications and gaming, Hyeyon holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a master's degree in Management Engineering from KAIST. Her journey includes impactful roles as an IT consultant at KPMG and a dedicated researcher at Asan Medical Center.
Marcus Kim
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer
A true tech virtuoso, he orchestrates the intricate dance of designing Sentience's AI engine, sculpting algorithms and transforming them into impactful services. With an MBA and a Ph.D. in Management Engineering, specializing in the Economics of Information Systems from KAIST, Marcus boasts over 15 years of experience as a full-stack programmer, IT consultant, and data analyst at prominent industry players like NCSoft, NHN, and KT.

A passionate gamer at heart, with a gaming journey spanning 10,000 hours in TES II: Daggerfall since 1996 and a remarkable top 16 finish in the national tournament of Virtual Fighter 3, Marcus seamlessly blends his technical mastery with his love for games to lead Sentience's charge into the future.
Hyemin Kwon
Co-founder, VP of Strategy
With a strategic compass guiding our endeavors, she is the architect of our go-to-market approach. Hyemin holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National University, specializing in 3D design and modeling. Her wide-ranging talents led her to develop TentuPlay's SDKs, design intricate architectures, manage projects of game data analysis and AI projects, and steer game development team. Her journey began as a developer at Sentience, a path that ultimately led her to her impactful role today, where her strategic acumen continues to drive our company's trajectory.

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