AI Commentary

Bringing dynamic insights and dramatic flair to gaming, our AI Commentary analyzes player stats, strategies, and histories in real-time, enriching the experience for both players and spectators.

Sentience’s AI Commentary brings dynamic insights and dramatic flair to gaming by analyzing player stats, strategies, and histories in real-time, enriching the experience for both players and spectators.

Transforming Sports Commentary with AI

AI Commentary is an artificial intelligence solution designed to enhance the enjoyment of playing or watching games by adding dramatic elements.

Have you ever chosen a sports broadcaster based on the commentator when watching live baseball or tennis matches? Commentators analyze players' records, performance, strategies, and history to provide insightful commentary that goes beyond simple information delivery, making the game more exciting through storytelling.

Sentience has focused on this aspect of commentators' appeal and developed AI Commentary technology that analyzes players' records and strategies during gameplay. It also provides interesting information about opponents at the right moments, adding a dramatic and entertaining element to the experience.

Use cases

Sentience utilizes AI Commentary technology to showcase players' records within the game South Pole Bebop. This technology can also be used by eSports commentators and streamers to enhance their broadcasts. Additionally, it has potential applications in educational settings, such as providing commentary on military strategies.

Behind the Scenes: AI Commentary in Action

AI Commentary technology collects behavioral data from users or agents within virtual environments and extracts various metrics needed for strategy analysis. For video games, this can include metrics such as win rates, strategy card decks, character combinations, strategy types, and historical game records.

By combining and analyzing these diverse metrics, the AI can provide information about opponent players, helping users formulate strategies. It can also analyze the user's own records to suggest various strategic options. This assistance can be delivered in the form of charts, graphs, or in-game alerts through the user interface, or as interactive chatbots or voice-based commentary.

Join us in revolutionizing the gaming experience with Sentience's AI Commentary technology, bringing unparalleled excitement and strategic insights to players and viewers alike.

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