Economics-based Artificial Intelligence For the Video Game Industry

Things Have Changed.

People are getting accustomed to in-app purchases of the games. You need more than targeting just a few whales.
As a greater number of players are willing to pay in games, Games should be prepared before they leave.

With Sentience, you can quickly and easily fetch them and boost sales.

Make Your Games
More Profitable

We make games more profitable
based on Behavioral Economics Artificial Intelligence.

Longtail Segment 20+

Behavioral Economics Models

Retention Rate +13%

By recognizing
user’s intrinsic motivations

In-App Purchase +8%

By providing
what users really want

User's Engagement +45%

By stimulating
user’s enthusiasm

Conversion Rate +94%

By providing
seamless recommendations


  1. Get
    Player's Log Data

  2. Analysis

  3. Psychographic

  4. Recommendations

Player's Log Data

Sentience system works to understand the player’s behavior and motivations during gameplay, in-app purchases and reasons for leaving the game.

  • Extract the variables that are needed for the selected behavioral economic model
  • Follow the user’s decisions and calculate the user’s characteristics with Sentience’s algorithm
  • Detect the player’s psychological status and motivation-to-play


With the variables and decision-making cases extracted from the game player’s log data, Sentience took a variety of tests to find what motivations do players have.

  • Modeling based on behavioral economic theory
  • Variable correlation analysis
  • Test model with econometric methodologies
  • Sensitivity and robustness analysis


Sentience’s algorithm library has a variety of behavioral economics models that helps to understand each user’s motivations and emotions, and find which segment the users falls into.

  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Personal Rewards
  • Social Interaction
  • Public Recognition


We use a non-intrusive design that does not interfere with the game experience. By analyzing causal relationships with behavioral psychology models, we provide appropriate and seamless rewards.

  • Personalized leaderboard for in-game performance
  • Praise or encourage the user’s motivation-related performance
  • Provide tips that stimulate the player’s enthusiasm and engagement
  • Provide items based on causal analysis that make them keep playing

Induce the Player's Purchase
Within a Valid Period

Aggressive and intrusive in-app ads make players leave.
With Sentience's seamless recommendations,
games can expect increased revenue and higher retention.

Our Customers

Netmarble Monster
Republic of Korea Navy
G.AIM Studio
Daegu University