Game Theory AI

Cutting-edge Game Theory AI blends game theory and machine learning, enhancing gameplay across genres and contributing to real-world applications.

Game Theory AI combines economic theories and deep learning models to create an AI that goes beyond traditional data-driven inference. This AI not only interprets existing data but also anticipates opponents' moves and formulates new strategies.

Beyond Data-Driven AI

Deep learning-based or generative AI-based systems typically require vast amounts of data and computing resources to infer results from learned data. In environments with limited data and imperfect information—such as PvP, MMORPG games, eSports, and sports events—AI must operate strategically, which traditional data training cannot adequately support.

Sentience has developed Game Theory AI by integrating economic models, particularly game theory, with artificial intelligence to address these challenges.

PvP Bot in Turn-based Strategy Game, South Pole Bebop

South Pole Bebop is a turn-based strategy multiplayer game where two players compete, similar to chess or Go. Players control three characters each on a 9x9 board, aiming to eliminate the opponent's characters or destroy their main base. However, the game introduces a dynamic element with zombies, a third party that attacks both parties’ characters and bases, creating ongoing strategic challenges. Players can use these zombies to level up their characters and use skill cards, adding more layers of strategy. Sentience's AI is designed to consider all these dynamic elements.

The AI in South Pole Bebop goes beyond simply defeating opponents. It can be tailored to offer various difficulty levels to match individual players' skills. Since players have different levels of proficiency, a game that is too easy or too hard can diminish their interest. Customizable AI difficulty enhances player engagement.

Continuous Evolution

Sentience's Game Theory AI technology is continually evolving. While it currently excels in South Pole Bebop, the technology is being generalized to apply to a variety of strategy games, ensuring broader applicability and improved gaming experiences.

Enjoy unprecedented dynamic PvP gaming with Game Theory AI.