MLOps FriskD

Effortlessly create, deploy, and manage a wide range of machine learning and econometric models with the ultimate MLOps platform and engine.

Sentience FriskD is an advanced MLOps platform and engine that empowers anyone to effortlessly create, deploy, manage, and operate a wide range of machine learning and econometric models.

The genesis of FriskD

With the rapid advancements in computing technology in 2015, big data and machine learning witnessed significant progress, necessitating the creation of various models across different industries. However, not everyone possessed the server computing capabilities to harness this potential.

Recognizing this gap, Sentience developed a software development toolkit designed to democratize the creation of machine learning models. This toolkit provides an environment and templates that simplify the process, enabling users to build and utilize machine learning models with ease.

A platform for everyone

Sentience introduced this service in 2015 to make machine learning accessible to all. Today, FriskD is utilized across a multitude of industries, including within Sentience for our internal and proprietary products.

By leveraging FriskD, users can navigate the complexities of machine learning and model deployment without needing extensive computational resources or expertise. This platform is designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of model creation, from development to deployment and ongoing operations.

Whether you are a data scientist, a business analyst, or a developer, FriskD offers the tools and infrastructure needed to bring your models to life and maintain their performance over time. Join us in revolutionizing the way models are built and deployed with Sentience FriskD.