Behavioral Economics AI

Utilizing behavior economics and AI models, Sentience deeply analyzes and understands each gamer, segmenting players based on their preferences to tailor unique offers and experiences.

Behavioral Economics AI is a technology that analyzes psychological patterns and personas based on user behavior in virtual environments or web/app services. It then creates and delivers personalized offers to users. Sentience's behavioral economics-based AI is available within the FriskD environment as multi-models, allowing for the continuous supply of customized AI models that adapt to the changing lifecycle of users and products.

Explainable AI: Making Sense of User Behavior with Behavioral Economics

In many cases, AI functions as a black box. It predicts user actions and outcomes but does not provide the causal relationships that inform those predictions, making it difficult to make appropriate decisions. Sentience addresses this by applying behavioral economics theories to analyze and classify user psychology, providing a rationale for observed behavior patterns. By using top-down models and bottom-up data, our AI can segment users and create hyper-personalized offers.

CCG Game Example: Providing content for “users who seek repid growth.” These users are classified under Sentience’s behavioral economics AI model as having a ‘Personal Extrinsic’ play motivation. Instead of recommending items frequently purchased by other users, we offer gold or gold boosters, making players feel acknowledged and appreciated by community managers for their achievements.

MOBA Game Example: This user is categorized as a “user who employs various strategies” and falls under Sentience’s behavioral economics AI model as having a ‘Personal Intrinsic’ motivation. However, due to the nature of MOBA games, ‘Public Recognition’ is also important for this user. Therefore, we suggest strategies and items that increase the probability of winning, satisfying both motivations.

“With over 25 years of experience in gaming publishing, I’ve faced frustrating situations where the development team and I had different priorities. While the development team focused on creating new content to provide fun for users, my priority was ensuring users remained in the community and continued playing.

I was completely hooked since Sentience provided a solution to this exactly.”

Jungwon Hahn, Former Regional Manager Director / Blizzard Entertainment

Built Upon Years of Behavioral Economics AI Research

Sentience's behavioral economics AI technology is composed of three main components: (1) Behavioral Data Collection, (2) AI-Based Segmentation, and (3) AI-Generated Offer.

To analyze user data based on behavioral economics, our AI must understand the significance of each user's actions. Unlabeled data can be time-consuming and resource-intensive to process. Therefore, we abstract user behavior within virtual environments into standardized, labeled data using Sentience's SDK.

Sentience also utilizes a multi-model approach in our behavioral economics AI to deeply analyze and understand each game user. Based on the input data, the models from Sentience's behavioral economics AI library are executed to find the most suitable model for a specific virtual environment or service. These models are then automatically tuned for optimal performance. The results help us understand user motivations and behavior patterns, classifying them into personas.

Furthermore, Sentience's behavioral economics AI does not rely on a single AI model to continuously analyze users and provide offers. Instead, it employs a multi-model system that adapts to the product's maturity and the user's lifecycle. This flexibility ensures the generation and delivery of personalized offers that align with the evolving needs and preferences of users.

Join us as we revolutionize AI-driven user engagement through advanced behavioral economics, providing unparalleled efficiency and personalization in virtual environments and web/app services. For more information on how we increase user engagement, visit